Conductive Fabric Sensor

There has been considerable attention drown to conductive fabric pressure sensors in the field of wearable sensors . This type of sensors has several advantages including flexibility, low-cost, and washability. These devices have a wide range of applications, including in smart textiles, tactile sensors, artificial skins, and patient’s movement monitoring technologies. Recently, we used electrical impedance tomography (EIT) to develop sensors monitoring pressure distribution. This pressure mapping system is designed by a pressure-sensitive conductive fabric, taking into account changes in the effective conductivity due to the pressure exerted over the fabric surface. As shown below, an electrically conductive yarn is woven into a sponge-like non-conductive fabric with high pore density so that its periodic wavy pattern is designed to produce a pressure sensitivity.

For details, see the paper, Mathematical model of conductive fabric-based flexible pressure sensor.


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